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Whitestone Dome Review- The Only Pixel 6 Screen Protector that works!

  • Quality
  • Application
  • Price
  • Protection
4.4/5Overall Score

Even though Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro features Gorilla Glass Victus on both sides. there were incidents where the screen was cracking up with a slightest misfortune. We tried to find the best tempered glass screen protectors on the market for the Pixel 6 Pro but none of them worked! White Stone Dome came to the rescue!

  • Works with Fingerprint Sensor 100%
  • UV cured for extended protection
  • Best Liquid Dispersion technology in the market
  • Covers the Edges on Pixel 6 Pro
  • The Application Process is complex with many steps
  • Pricey for a Glass Screen Protector
  • Removal & Replacement is a tough task

Whitestone Dome Screen Protector Review : We all know there are different opinions on the on-screen fingerprint reader for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro. And Reddit is full of unhappy buyers claiming their fingerprint scanner sucks on Pixel 6 ! There are countless posts where people are looking for glass screen protector for the phones. (which works with that damn fingerprint sensor)

The Problem with Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protectors

Google released a list of Official Accessories brands which works with Pixel. But,None of the brands offered a tempered Glass Screen protector which works with the Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor.

Because the glass screen protector almost always leaves some air gap between the screen and glass it self. The optical fingerprint scanner (which is already a bad one!) would not be able to read your fingerprints properly. But one company came to the rescue – Whitestone Dome Screen Protector.

As a brand, Whitestone has a reputation for providing some of the highest-quality products for protecting your phone’s screen from cracks and scratches.

Whitestone Dome’s Solution

Due to the Pixel 6’s optical sensor, Whitestone had to come up with a new liquid optical clear adhesive technology (which makes it pricier). Whitestone Dome package involved a UV light device which cures the air-bubbles entirely. Which makes sure that screen protectors will not interfere with the device’s under-display fingerprint sensor.

Although, the installation kit was complex and overwhelming. After following the steps it was quite intuitive (still not simple enough). You can find their step-by-step manual here. The results were impressive. There were no gaps or bubbles on the screen and it looked like there is no screen protector installed at all. it also includes a camera protection film which goes on the back and doesn’t hamper image quality.

The price is definitely on a high end for average user. But it still makes it worth if you don’t use a case with your phone. If you are still looking for cheaper options. There are other screen protectors which we have tested for Google Pixel 6 ad Pixel 6 Pro.

Buy Whitestone Dome Glass from Amazon : $39.99 Or Whitestone’s Website for $35 (use Code : WELCOMEBACK for 10% off)

Whitestone Dome Screen Protector Installation for Pixel 6 Pro

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